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Evie Lupine talks SPH

Evie Lupine dives into a comprehensive look at both the psychological aspects of SPH and its practical application, including beginner and advanced play suggestions. Whether you’re curious about integrating SPH into your dynamic or just seeking to understand more about this aspect of kink, this video offers valuable insights and advice.

Soft Domination with Morina

MoRina, a 58-year-old creator of naughty fetish videos, shares her journey from a corporate career to becoming a celebrated figure in the fetish video community.

Exploring Feedism with Ivy Davenport

Welcome to a deep dive into the world of fetism and fat fetish with Ivy Davenport, a seasoned expert in the adult industry, specializing in the nuanced world of weight gain and the appreciation of larger bodies.

Exploring Mesmerizing Kink with Muse Waltrude

‘Muse Waltrude discusses her personal and professional growth in fetish femdom hypnosis, blending hypno-kink with diverse fetishes and emphasizing the importance of communication and acceptance in the BDSM community.’

Unpacking SPH with Sunny Megatron

Dive into the intriguing world of SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) with Sunny Megatron, clinical sexologist and Kink educator. Discover the consensual dynamics of erotic humiliation, its therapeutic potential, and the crucial role of consent in exploring and embracing this unique facet of BDSM.

Ludella Hahn on Dollification & Objectification

In anticipation of the Barbie movie, Zipper Editor-in-Chief Sunny Megatron spoke with Fetish Creator Ludella Hahn of Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures about her experience making fetish doll, robot, dollification kink, and bimbofication content.

The World of Gooning, Gooners & Goonettes

Goddess Rosi collage

What happens in a goon cave? Do people really goon for days? What are goonettes? Goddess Rosie Reed takes us into the fascinating world of gooning, the latest sex trend taking the world by storm.

20 Christmas Kink Scene & Role Play Ideas

Get creative with these Kinkmas role-play ideas. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned kinkster, they’re a fun way to add playfulness & novelty to your bondage, medical play, dollification, D/s, temperature play, (and more!) scenes.

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