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“I Consider Myself A Feminist”: Fetish Creator Ludella Hahn on Dollification & Objectification

by Zipper Staff

In anticipation of the Barbie movie, Zipper Editor-in-Chief Sunny Megatron spoke with Ludella Hahn of Ludella Hahn’s Fetish Adventures about her experience making fetish doll, robot, and bimbofication content.* Watch the full interview here.


What I feel like I have somewhat of a talent for, in the realm of dollification, is “freezing.” So, just being like a poseable frozen — kind of statue — a doll. It’s not really like a statue, just because you’re not stuck in one spot, but being like a poseable doll. You’re just in this kind of “object” headspace and have to stay completely still. And whoever is controlling you, or however you want to see it — the “owner” or the “maker” — it’s a kind of power control [dynamic]. It has both the master and sub-elements to it, in that when you are the doll, you are an object, and being controlled.

I consider myself a feminist, but for some reason, in sexuality, I enjoy objectification – there’s an element of that in dollification that I enjoy.

Becoming a doll

The dollification I tend to film and specialize in started from “the freeze.” Like, suddenly becoming a frozen doll/mannequin, like a robot that has stopped working. Part of it is just — I’m very good at not blinking for long periods [laughs], but I also just like that idea of just challenging myself to be completely still, and to be posed, and to have to do the things that you are being made to do. 


I consider myself a feminist, but for some reason, in sexuality, I enjoy objectification – there’s an element of that in dollification that I enjoy. I did like doing, I guess, what they call “rag doll.” And “robots” — I don’t necessarily consider that dollification, though. Some of them, I guess, are in the sense that I’ve done some, where I start as a human being and then I transform into being a robot. So in a way, it’s becoming a doll, and there is a lot of crossover. 


I do have a lot of fans who are robot fetishists who will still be interested in the freeze videos. They’ll just fantasize that I’m a robot shut down during those parts. So there is that crossover – but yeah, it’s complicated. I mean, everyone gets different things from what they are interested in. So again, I don’t want to say I know exactly what I’m talking about. This is just my personal experience.

@LudellaHahn‘s Personal Take on Dollification Kink #barbiedoll

Many people who are very controlling have that interest when it comes to their intimate life, where they want to have to not think about things and let go of that control. I don’t like to let go of control super easily, willingly, or submissively — I want it to be taken from me, like dollification or mind control. A lot of times, when I do breast expansions, I like it to turn into a bimbofication, which is also, in a way, a mind shift. 

Interested in learning more? Check out:

You know, I enjoy playing that bratty type. That’s more of how I consider my dominant side to be — again, bratty. I think being in the fetish world and working in this industry, you realize that anything — like, absolutely anything — can be a fetish. 


For anyone who feels like whatever their sexual interests are, or their fetish or kink is if they feel like it’s too weird, or they’re just too afraid to explore it or try it for whatever reason — because of some shame they feel, or they’re just afraid of judgment in any kind of way — I would say, if you’re not hurting someone non-consensually, I feel like there shouldn’t be judgment. There are so many people in the world, and everything could be a fetish. There’s gonna be other people who have that same interest.


– As told to Sunny Megatron

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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About Ludella Hahn

Ludella Hahn is an award-winning fetish actress and filmmaker known for her fiery red hair, hourglass figure, and her palpable passion in the works she creates. She’s renowned for her cartoony yet cinematic style in various niche fetishes, and she has fans worldwide who love her larger-than-life stories, sets, and characters.

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