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Amp Somers (Pup Amp) & Kristofer Weston (Mr. Kristofer)

Pup Amp is a blogger, sex worker, activist, and producer for “Watts The Safeword.”
With his background as a sex educator and sex worker, he along with guests of all abilities, backgrounds, experiences, and kinky lifestyles, destigmatize topics on sex and other LGBTQ+ issues. He shoots, edits, and manages the YouTube vids from week to week.

Mr. Kristofer is a Professional Daddy, bondage enthusiast, kink educator, porn director, and adult performer. Now Amp’s “Daddy” of 6 years he has been a prominent figure in the BDSM and porn world the past 30 years. He has starred and directed in many films as Kristofer Weston.
He has practiced BDSM in almost all of its forms in roles both as a sub and a Dom.

Podcast, Youtube, Merch, Socials, Patreon & more at

Emerson Karsh

Emerson is a sex and kink educator, content creator, and writer. She is the brains and beauty behind the Instagram account @TheKinkEducator! Emerson has a degree in Human Sexuality and a dream to make kink and sex education accessible to everyone. She has also been featured in HuffPost, Get Me Giddy, Style Caster, Men’s Health, and more!

Evie Lupine

Evie Lupine is a peer educator for all things related to kink, BDSM, relationships, sexuality, and alternative subcultures. Her number one goal is to help people find their own personal truth as it relates to their sexuality, their desires, and their relationship needs. You can find Evie’s relatable, down-to-earth BDSM educational videos on her popular YouTube channel called Evie Lupine. For additional content, online hang-outs, and more check out Evie’s Patreon community at

Kitty Stryker

Kitty Stryker has been working on defining and cultivating consent culture for over 10 years through her writingworkshops, and website. She’s the editor of “Ask: Building Consent Culture“, and is especially interested in bringing conversations about consent out of the bedroom into everyday life. Kitty is currently working on a second book through Thorntree Press, “Ask Yourself: The Consent Culture Workbook”. She also works as a street medic for direct actions, plays Dungeons and Dragons, and cares for her two cats. Kitty identifies as a sex worker, queer, asexual, sober, anarchist and femme.

Luna Matatas

Luna Matatas is a Sex and Pleasure Educator with over 15 years of experience teaching sex and empowerment workshops. She celebrates body confidence, self-adoration, and building shame-free pleasure in and out of the bedroom. She teaches over 30+ webinars. Read all her Butt Stuff Blogs and classes on Pegging SkillsStrap-on SkillsSeducing the Butt, and Kink.  Luna hosts The Plug Podcast by b-Vibe, an anal sex podcast. She created Peg the Patriarchy® and Meditate Medicate Masturbate® brands as part of her sex-positive and feminist merchandise.

Mark Hay

Mark Hay is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer who covers sex and sexuality, among other beats. You can also find his work in The Daily Beast, Mel Magazine, VICE, and many, many other outlets.

Marla Renee Stewart, MA

Marla Renee Stewart, MA (she/her) is a professional sexologist, intimacy/relationship/sex coach, speaker, and author. She is the owner of Velvet Lips, a sexuality education company, as well as Contract Liberation, a company focused on research for non-profit groups. As a faculty member at Clayton State University, she teaches Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies. As the Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference, Marla aims to bring diverse groups together to learn and share their experiences in the essence of being authentic and fostering sexual liberation across communities.

Marla has studied human sexuality for over 20 years, has educated over 20,000 people in over 13 years, given over 500 workshops, and has served over 100 clients in her private practice, all around the world. She has had her influence in the media, as well; she has written over 200 articles, featured in over 20 magazines and books, and has been on over 60 podcasts and independent television shows. She was featured on Netflix’s Trigger Warning with Killer Mike, VH1’s Love & HipHop Atlanta, and filmed as a sex expert for GPB’s Personal Injury Court and Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club: Atlanta. In addition, she also sits on the Boards for SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! and the Diverse Sexualities and Research Education Institute.

She co-wrote her first book, The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay (2020) with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly and wrote a chapter and co-edited An Intersectional Approach to Sex Therapy, which debuted in December 2021.


“Your Fairy God-Auntie of Kink. Exploding Expectations. Challenging Conventions.”

Trailblazing educator, sexologist, artist, and irritant to banality, Midori founded Rope Dojo and ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Intensive. She penned the first English instruction book on Shibari, “Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage” in 2001, paving the way for the popularity of rope. Dan Savage calls her the “Super Nova of Kink,” while others affectionately call her Auntie Midori for her cool, tell-it-like-it-is, funny, reality-based teaching. She is also the author of “Wild Side Sex,” “Master Han’s Daughter,” and “Silk Threads.” Education, Coaching, Private Learning & Art:

Special membership perks! Learn, laugh, and enjoy her special online classes, events, and art at:
where she is working on her next shibari book!

Workshops, articles, art, events – currently all on where she is working on her next shibari.

Mollena Lee Williams-Haas

Mrs. Mollena Lee Williams-Haas is a multi-hyphenate mashup of award-winning writer-performer, International BDSM/Alternative-Lifestyle Educator and Titleholder, screenwritter/librettist/playwright, Consensual Slave/Muse, Sobriety advocate, Storyteller, Kink Doula and Podcaster. Actively involved in BDSM since 1995 and with a professional career as a performer since the age of 6, she has decades of seemingly divergent interests and lives that have converged gorgeously to her current incarnation. Try to keep up with her adventures on her podcast, All That And Mo. Follow her on TikTokInstagramTwitter and peruse years of her pontifications on You can actively support her work by becoming a sponsor on Patreon!

Sinclair Sexmith

Sinclair Sexsmith (they/them) is an award-winning queer trans masc writer focusing on queer culture, trauma, dominance, submission, spiritual kink, and transgender and nonbinary issues. Sinclair’s creative nonfiction and queer erotica writings are widely published online and in more than thirty anthologies, including eight volumes of Best Lesbian Erotica series. They are the editor of Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 4, Volume 5, Volume 6, Best Lesbian Erotica 2012, Erotix: Literary Journal of Somatics, and Say Please: Lesbian BDSM Erotica. Their short story collection, Sweet & Rough: Queer Kink Erotica, was a 2015 finalist for a Lambda Literary Award. Sinclair writes at since 2006, recognized numerous places as one of the top sex blogs. They have been teaching about erotic writing, the power of queer narratives, somatic arts, and many sex and kink techniques since 2002. Sinclair is an international leather titleholder, a pretty good cook, and an avid creative journaler. Follow all their work at

Sinclair will be running D/s Playground, their 8-week online course about power dynamics, starting in July 2022.

Sunny Megatron

Sunny Megatron is an award-winning BDSM & Certified Sexuality Educator, Certified Relationship Coach, and media personality. She’s the host and executive producer of the Showtime original television series, SEX with Sunny Megatron, plus co-hosts AASECT Award winning American Sex Podcast and Open Deeply Podcast. Sunny was also named XBIZ Sexpert of the Year 2021 and is Editor-in-Chief of Zipper Magazine.   

Known for her one-of-a-kind build-your-own-adventure approach to sex, kink & relationships, Sunny coined the BDSM community catch-phrase, Kink is Customizable™. In her sell-out workshops, her unique brand of “edutainment” seamlessly combines her humorous lecturing style, interactive exercises, and the latest sexuality research. Sunny’s passion is helping others overcome shame and find power through play and pleasure. Currently, she’s working on her first book, “Customizable Kink: A Strategic Guide to Adult Play.” 

You can find Sunny Megatron on TikTokTwitterInstagramFacebook, and Patreon

Featured Clips4Sale Creators

Domme Tomorrow

Domme Tomorrow is a psychological sadist and Mommy Domme with a flair for the dramatic. She dives deep into niche kinks with submissives from all over the world, fleshes out fantasies on film as a FemDom clip producer, and makes engaging educa- tional online content for curious newbies.

As a bisexual woman, Domme Tomorrow is passionate about her kink content/spaces being LGBT+ inclusive, using gender-neutral language in her clips and cam room, so all gender expressions and sexualities feel welcome. While you may see her around the Nashville kink scene, outside of the kink & fetish world, she loves her spoiled cats, gardening, cooking, hunting for vintage clothing, cutting hair, and karaoke. She LOVES karaoke. She’s THAT person at karaoke.

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