Exploring Mesmerizing Kink

With Muse Waltrude

In this engaging Interview for Zipper Magazine, Muse Waltrude delves into her personal evolution within the niche of fetish femdom hypnosis, elaborating on her integration of hypno-kink with a variety of fetishes. She recounts her initial encounters with different kinks and fetishes, highlighting her intrigue with pantyhose and her first experiences with a foot fetish.

“when I was very young and I first discovered panty hose. especially I had this I remember having this Aunt who was real sexy and she loved hoses of all kinds, and she always wore the most Exquisite nylons. When she was visiting us and I was obsessed so when I was about 10 years old I got my first my very first pair of pantyhose as a gift from her”

Further, Waltrude discusses her journey through BDSM and underscores the critical role of communication within the community. She stresses the importance of recognizing and accepting various kinks and fetishes, along with the transformative power of hypno-kink in exploring taboo delights. Waltrude encourages readers to explore their own desires and find inspiration in their distinctive fantasies.

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Kinktopia definition of MESMERIZE?

The Mesmerize Kink is a form of FemDom interaction where the dominant woman (Domme) uses her power to captivate and charm the submissive partner (sub), thereby increasing her influence over them. This technique is primarily aimed at enhancing the sub’s emotional and sexual attachment to the Domme, but it can also be directed towards other specific commands. The sub typically experiences sexual arousal from this dynamic.

Kinktopia definition: Hypnokink

What is hypnokink?

Hypnokink refers to the specialized application of hypnosis for sexual gratification, marking it as a branch of recreational hypnosis. This practice is sometimes synonymously called erotic hypnosis, though distinctions are made by some enthusiasts. They argue that erotic hypnosis constitutes a more mainstream sexual activity, while hypnokink veers into more adventurous territories.

Individuals who delve into hypnokink may find pleasure in being hypnotized or hypnotizing others. They might also find enjoyment in consuming erotic literature or watching videos that feature hypnosis-based narratives.

Considered a subset of BDSM, hypnokink involves a dynamic of control where a dominant hypnotist and a submissive subject engage in power exchange. The goal is to dominate the submissive’s mind and body, pushing them to explore actions and thoughts beyond their usual considerations, without hesitation.

Important to note is the emphasis on communication and consent within hypnokink. Prior to engaging in hypnosis, discussions about boundaries and desires are essential, akin to the preparatory negotiations in BDSM activities. The hypnotist is expected to explain the hypnosis process to the submissive, setting clear expectations for the experience.

The process typically begins with an induction phase, leading the submissive into a light trance, which can be progressively deepened. At the appropriate depth, the hypnotist introduces suggestions for behavior that can span from immediate to long-term actions. Post-hypnosis, the submissive receives aftercare, paralleling the follow-up care seen in BDSM scenarios.

In certain long-term hypnokink relationships, initial steps like negotiation and induction might be abbreviated or bypassed, with the hypnotist employing a pre-established trance trigger for swift entry into deep trance states.

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