How To Explore Your Foot Fetish

By Mark Hay

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Thanks to the stigmas surrounding foot fetishes, many people who feel a pull towards feet—for any reason and at any stage of their sexual journey—hesitate or struggle to explore this erotic impulse. Even Archer Legend, today a prolific foot fetish content creator, told Zipper that, while he harbored an interest in feet “from an early age,” he hid and suppressed that side of himself for fear of being labeled a weirdo and for lack of a sense of community until he “got on the internet when I was 30 years old and realized I was not alone.” But these days, it’s pretty easy to explore a foot fetish without any major risk of ridicule or stigmatization, thanks to a proliferation of content, affinity groups, online forums, and the gradual normalization of the kink.


The first step, Legend explained, is simply accepting that you’re interested in feet. A foot fetish doesn’t have to define you or your sex life, he added. You can engage in it however you want to—and you don’t have to know exactly how you want to interact with feet from the get-go. You can explore in your own way, at your own pace, and potentially unlock a world of pleasure.

If you're uncomfortable with a party setting, you can also book a session with a kink professional, virtually or in person, to engage in one-on-one, controlled foot play.

Be Upfront About Your Foot Fetish


If you already have one or more partners you trust, then the easiest way to start exploring the fetish is often telling them about your interest in feet and the things you want to try, Top Toes in Hose, the co-host of Oh Those Toes, a foot fetish-focused podcast, told Zipper. That disclosure may be scary, but this sort of vulnerability often brings us closer to our partners—who are usually more than willing to help us explore our kinks, provided we’re equally open to theirs. 


Legend added that you can also broach the topic with prospective new partners, including short-term hookups. Foot fetishes are common enough and increasingly mainstream, so even a casual or one-time partner may be willing to play and explore with you. But Legend acknowledged this would not be a comfortable—or safe—avenue for everyone to explore.


Connect with the Foot Fetish Community


Whether you don’t have a partner to explore the fetish with, or you just want to talk to a wide array of people who share your fetish, then most of the fetishists Zipper spoke to recommend searching for “foot fetish” on platforms like FetLife, Reddit, and Twitter. Dozens of communities will pop up, which you can explore freely for a while, eventually joining the one that feels the most resonant with your desires and welcoming to your social sensibilities. 


You can also search for foot fetish content and models on clip and cam sites. Exploring content is often a great way to learn about the fetish’s many permutations and determine which appeals to you.


If you’re ready to move beyond the digital realm but don’t have a partner or any partners comfortable with foot play, you may want to consider attending a foot party, which suggests foot fetishist and content creator Soles Scream. At these parties, you’ll be surrounded by people who share your fetish and foot models who, usually for a small fee, will allow you to interact with their feet in well-defined ways. (Soles Scream added that it’s entirely possible to attend these parties if you have a partner—you just need to make sure your partner(s) understand why you want to attend, are cool with your rationale, and have set out clear boundaries, within the context of your relationship dynamics, for what you can and can’t do with models.) If you’re uncomfortable with a party setting, you can also book a session with a kink professional, virtually or in person, to engage in one-on-one, controlled foot play.


If you engage in foot-genital contact, you ought to ensure that the feet in question are clean to avoid any irritation or infections and to be mindful of nails to avoid cuts and abrasions. And if you engage in any sort of play like trampling or foot beating, make sure to maintain a good line of communication, and a safe word, so that you can draw a solid line before anything starts to become uncomfortable or dangerous. But beyond those basic kink play safety practices, the only thing to remember during foot play is to have footsie fun! 


A Non-Comprehensive List of Resources, Sites, and Platforms For Exploring Feet:


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Mark Hay is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer who covers sex and sexuality, among other beats. You can also find his work in The Daily Beast, Mel Magazine, VICE, and many, many other outlets.

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