"Feel Your Toes Wiggle in My Mouth": Here’s Over 14 Types OF Foot Fetishes To Explore (Take Your Pick)

By Ryn Pfeuffer

Foot fetishes can manifest in various ways, and individuals with foot fetishes have a wide range of interests within that realm. These activities go far beyond the foot fetish-related tropes.

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Tickling, Femdom, High Heels, Pedal Pumping, Food and Object Crush

“I moan into your wrinkles,” writes Mike, one of my longtime Sextpanther clients. “Feel your toes wiggle in my mouth. I tickle them as I suck your toes. Then, I take your perfect foot in my hands and make love to it.”


I’ve been writing about sex and relationships for 25 years and doing online sex work for the past three. I’ve seen, heard, and facilitated a lot of virtual fantasies—especially ones that involve feet. Mike is a regular, and we’ve explored everything from ticking and pedicure fetishes to smothering and foot D/s dynamics. He’s one of my favorite clients, since he’s open to exploring his fetish in various ways. Even though it’s a virtual relationship, it doesn’t fall back on a standard issue playbook like some of my other fetishists do. 


What’s a Foot Fetish, You Ask?


Here’s the scoop: Foot fetishism, or podophilia, refers to a pronounced sexual interest or attraction focusing on feet. Foot fetishes can manifest in various ways, and I’ve learned that individuals with foot fetishes have a wide range of interests within that realm. These activities go far beyond the foot fetish-related tropes, often exaggerated or simplified for entertainment.


While it is challenging to provide precise statistics on the exact prevalence of foot fetishes, various studies and surveys indicate that foot fetishism is relatively widespread. Research suggests that foot fetishes are more prevalent among males than females. However, there are certainly individuals of all genders who have a foot fetish. Estimates suggest that foot fetishes may be of interest to anywhere from 10% to 34% of the general population, with varying degrees of intensity or interest within that range. (It’s important to note that estimating the prevalence of specific fetishes can be challenging due to various factors, including social stigma, self-reporting bias, and the private nature of such interests.)


You can promote foot-focused content on clip sites like Clips4Sale, subscription platforms like OnlyFans and Patreon, or personal websites. This can include photos, videos, blogs, or other forms of media created with foot fetish enthusiasts in mind. I’ve found that building a dedicated audience and engaging with fans has paid off through tips, subscriptions, and custom content requests. (They cannot resist a random PPV from my monthly pedicure.) Ensure you understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the platform. 


Here’s a sampling of interests I’ve encountered with fans beyond usual foot worship.


Fetishistic Imagery


This refers to visual close-up shots or compositions that focus on the feet as objects of desire. This type of imagery typically emphasizes the shape, curves, and specific features of the feet, such as toes, arches, soles, or the overall beauty of well-groomed feet. I never miss an opportunity to shoot content in the wild—whether it’s in a field of grass, with sand between my toes, or waves lapping at my feet. I try not to overthink it too much and simply snap when the mood strikes. Fans love to see me in my natural habitat, and what may seem mundane can be super erotic for them.




The specific manifestations of a pedicure fetish vary among individuals. Some of my fans are aroused by the visual aspect of well-groomed feet and painted toenails. In contrast, others find pleasure in the tactile sensations associated with a foot massage or receiving a pedicure. Some fans get hot and bothered observing the process of applying nail polish or foot care rituals—lots of opportunities for custom clip sales here. Fans can also sponsor my monthly pedicure via my Wishtender (a wishlist for content creators).

Foot Domination or Submission


Foot fetish dynamics can sometimes involve power play. In this context, individuals may enjoy dominant or submissive roles related to feet. It may include foot domination, foot worship as an act of submission, or engaging in foot-related BDSM activities. I have several fans who are into foot worship. I tease them with impromptu photos and text directives—and make them pay for the privilege via tips. I often time such things for when they’re driving carpool or mid-way through the workday. It doesn’t take much to distract most fans if you know what they want.




Foot tickling, or the sensation of tickling the soles, toes, or arches of the feet, is VERY popular among my fans. I engage in frequent text and phone roleplays that explore foot tickling using everything from hands and fingertips to tongues, mouths, and toys. I have regular IRL interactions that involve tickling, so it’s easy to work those scenes into my online sessions. Also, if you’re into tickling but don’t want to spend money on implements, hit up your local Dollar Store for pervertibles. Trust me; it’s worth it.




Some people are drawn to specific types of footwear, such as boots, sandals, or high heels. The focus may be on the aesthetic appeal of footwear or the sensation of wearing or interacting with certain types of shoes. I once had a cross-Atlantic Tinder date come to fruition over a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos on my Instagram feed.


Nylons, Stockings, and Pantyhose


Since pantyhose was invented in 1937, there’s been no shortage of people turned on by their distinct sensory experience. Whether you have a fetish for wearing these silky-smooth garments or prefer to see someone in a pair, people are aroused by the texture, smell, and appearance sensations. (There’s a market for worn stockings at All Things Worn.)


Smell and Odor


For some foot fetishists, the smell of feet is, quite literally, intoxicating. This may involve sniffing, smelling, or incorporating foot odor into the fetish experience. This can be done via stellar verbal skills via text, video, or a phone call—or by selling worn socks, stockings, or shoes, as previously mentioned. If an item can be worn, it’s safe to say; it can be sold.




Also known as foot food play or foot dipping, this fetish involves using the feet to interact with or play with various substances, typically food items. Think Jello, honey, pudding, whipped cream, and condiments like ketchup, mustard, or mayonnaise. It combines elements of foot fetishism and sensory play. During foot sploshing, individuals may immerse their feet or have their partner’s feet immersed in substances such as pudding, whipped cream, jelly, syrup, or any other edible substance of their choosing.




During a footjob, one partner typically uses their feet to stroke or rub the other partner’s penis or vulva, providing a pleasurable sensation. The foot may be used in various ways, such as using the sole, toes, or arch to provide friction or pressure. This scenario works best for video calls, where you can use a lubed-up dildo to stimulate the act. If you don’t have a dildo, a cucumber or zucchini will suffice.




Foot smothering is a fetish where individuals find pleasure or arousal in having their face or body covered, restricted, or smothered by feet. It can range from using feet to cover the face, restrict breathing, or apply pressure. Since this fetish is all about sensory stimulation, it requires a solid imagination and creative language skills to pull off in an online forum. But, if you can get your fan/client on their virtual back, it’s so much fun (and highly effective) to play with them in this power dynamic.




Like smothering, gagging takes it one step further by placing feet in the mouth to gag or be gagged. This fetish can involve the physical sensation and power dynamics associated with foot-based oral play. You can also incorporate nylons, stockings, or pantyhose into this scenario. I like to “restrain” my clients, then force my foot into their mouths until their beg, plead, and squirm.


Foot Torture


The foot has an estimated 7,000 to 20,000 nerve endings. In perspective, the penis has 4,000 in the glans (or head), while the clitoris has roughly 10,000. Engaging in or observing activities that inflict pain or discomfort on the feet can provide intense sensory stimulation. It can include activities such as trampling with heels (see more below), using implements like whips or paddles on the feet, or engaging in light bondage or CBT (cock and ball torture) involving the feet.




Trampling involves one person stepping or walking on another person’s body, typically with their feet, for pleasure or arousal. In the context of foot fetishes, trampling may be focused on the sensation of the feet making contact with the body, the power dynamics involved, or the visual and tactile aspects of the activity.


Medical Play


I’ve found that many people find the dynamic of a doctor-patient or medical authority-submissive super-hot. So, it’s been an easy segue to incorporate medical or clinical elements into foot-related play. These scenarios frequently include foot examinations, foot treatments, or foot-related medical roleplay. I have a few clients who are hardcore into the super nit-picky “inspection” aspect of this roleplay, so it allows me to really lean into my super-judgy, Joan Rivers-esque tendencies (which I love).


Proceed with Empathy


It’s also important to note that everyone’s preferences and interests in foot fetishes can vary greatly. As with any fetish or sexual interest, it’s essential to engage in activities with clean and informed consent, communicate with your partner(s), and ensure that all parties involved feel comfortable and respected.


Remember, there’s more to it than meets the eye when it comes to foot fetishes. 

Ryn Pfeuffer

Ryn Pfeuffer

Ryn Pfeuffer is a queer sex and relationships writer, and over the past two decades, her work has appeared in more than 100 media outlets, including Marie Claire, Playboy,

Refinery29, Shape, The Globe and Mail, The Washington Post, and WIRED. Ryn is also the author of 101 Ways to Rock Online Dating (2019). She lives in Seattle. You can find her on Twitter @rynpfeuffer or IG @ryn_says.

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