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20 Christmas Kink Scene & Role Play Ideas

Featuring Sunny Megatron

Looking for some creative ways to kink up the holiday season? Christmas themes can infuse a little playfulness and novelty into your BDSM. This can even be a fun and familiar way to explore kinky play for the first time. If you dig beyond the standard Santa Claus Dom/naughty elf sub scenario and let your imagination run wild, you’ll realize there’s a lot more material to draw from than you might think.


BDSM Educator & Zipper Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Sunny Megatron, put together 20 outside-the-giftbox BDSM scene starters and “Kinkmas” roleplay ideas that incorporate popular kinkslike bondage, dollification, temperature play, playful humiliation, pet roleplay, and more. We’d love to hear what creative kinky play ideas her video inspired! 


Video transcript below.  

Who is Sunny Megatron?

Sunny Megatron is a multi-award-winning BDSM & Certified Sexuality Educator, Relationship Coach, and media personality. She’s the host and executive producer of Showtime’s original series, Sex with Sunny Megatron, plus co-hosts American Sex Podcast & Open Deeply. XBIZ’s Sexpert of the Year 2021, Sunny is currently Editor-in-Chief of Zipper Magazine. You can find her on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Patreon.

20 Christmas Kink Scene & Roleplay Ideas Video Transcript


Hey, kinky friends! It’s time to get into the holiday spirit with Christmas-themed role plays and kink scene ideas. If you’re thinking, “well, no-brainer! Santa role play – naughty and nice, that’s easy!” No, no, no. These are more outside-the-box and there is something for everyone.


Now, remember my catchphrase? “Kink is customizable.” So that means you can take some of these ideas and use them just the way they are or as inspiration to think up your own. You make the rules! But as always, make sure you prioritize consent and safety before diving into any kink or roleplay scene.


Now wait, before we get into it, if you’re like, “Santa fetish?!” and you’re still stuck on that – yes, that is a thing! When it comes to Santa fetish, and who and why and what, it goes deep down the chimney y’all. We just published an article on Zipper Magazine all about Santa fetish. We talked to people who were into it, experts, and even Santa historians. But right now we’re going to talk Kinkmas — 20 scene ideas for your holiday-themed roleplay.


Sensory deprivation and audio bondage . . . Mariah Carey style. Picture this, you’re handcuffed and you have headphones on blasting Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas” on repeat over and over and over and over again. You want nothing more than to take off those headphones. But guess what? Your hands are bound. Talk about a mindfuck!


This is a great way to keep your partner consensually disoriented and on edge. Plus, every time you hear that song from now until eternity, which is gonna be lots because it’s everywhere, you can’t escape it. You get to think of that hot scene that you did.


Santa-themed roleplay but not in the way that you think. I mean, who says Santa has to be dominant? Yeah, he’s Father Christmas, but does he have to be Daddy Christmas? How about a Mrs. Claus-themed femdom-esque roleplay? Santa is gonna have some really rosy cheeks after that. And I don’t mean . . .  And when all is said and done, he won’t be coming down the chimney, he’ll be left with a full sack . . . of presents.

Or how about a scene where Santa is at the mercy of his demanding elves? You know, bratty submissives or dominant littles (and they are a thing by the way), they don’t care if they’ve been naughty if they’ve been nice. They are going to make Santa give them whatever the heck they want.


“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” But in this roleplay, Santa isn’t the submissive one. He is just a prop for a strong, independent woman with a voracious appetite for . . . chestnuts. You are the one who catches your hot wife (hotwife, get it?) doing more than just kissing Santa Claus.


If you’re into roleplay –   Need I say more? Or you could morph that into a scary Santa scenario for those people who want to explore their . . . CLAUStriphobia, get it?


If you live in a snowy area and you have a private backyard, use that snow as a punishment or FUNishment. Let’s say your Dom tells you you have 15 seconds to go out that door au-natural and make a snow angel. “And I’m timing you!”


Or if being outside isn’t your thing, bring outside to you. Temperature play with a snowball. Or imagine the firm point of an icicle gliding over your skin. It is a unique twist on sensation play but — DO NOT put the icicle THERE! It is dirty and from the roof, yuck. Just for sensation, that’s it.


You’ve heard of human furniture, why not human Christmas tree? You can add garland for bondage or jingle bells. Make sure if you do use lights they’re LED because they don’t get hot like the old-fashioned ones. And there are so many options for hanging ornaments — depending on how intense your kinks are and your skill level, of course.

If you’re into playful humiliation, why don’t you have your sub sing an ode to themselves? “Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, How lovely are my . . .” Then you can kick that up to predicament play if you want. Tell them they have to sing the song without laughing while you go hunting for the Christmas pickle!


“The 12 Days of Christmas” but with a kinky twist. Tell yourself they have to come up with new kink-related words on the fly. That’s a long song, and it repeats. So they have to remember like, “Oh god! Did I say five golden [cock] rings or five golden . . . rhymes with flowers [showers]?! I don’t remember!” Don’t forget to tell them “hey, if you mess up the lyrics, YULE be sorry!”


DIY kinky advent calendar. Every day, the sub opens — maybe it’s a task, a reward, or a challenge. You can even lead up to a big thing and end the month with a bang. So on the last day, they’re surprised with a big gift. Maybe it’s a new toy. Maybe it’s an experiential reward. And if your kink is psychological sadomasochism? They get coal in their stocking!


We’re going to keep with that coal in your stocking theme and we’re going to take it to the extreme. Have your sub reach into a stocking to find it’s filled with smashed Oreo cookies! That’s the “coal” because you probably shouldn’t use real coal; cookies are more fun. That will be the first ingredient to start off your humiliation-based wet and messy (WAM) aka sploshing scene.


Since cookies have already entered the chat, ookie gookie Santa’s cookies. If you know, you know. I can’t really say what [ookie gookie cookie] is on YouTube. Maybe I’ll say it somewhere else. Keep an ear out!


You know that song “We Wish You a Merry Christmas?”  “Now bring us some figgy pudding . . .” Wait, is it figgie or figging pudding? Again, if you know, you know.


Shout out to the CBT enthusiasts, and I don’t mean cognitive behavioral therapy. You’ve got The Nutcracker, snowballs, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. There is so much there. Roll with it.


Let’s say you have a praise kink, you’re into animal role-play, and playful humiliation. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Get out your pony play gear. Get out that red clown nose — because I know you’re into some freaky stuff. Plan a scene that starts as humiliation but then ends with an unexpected twist. 


Turns out Rudolph wasn’t all those horrible things that everybody said. He saved Christmas. And then after that, all the reindeers loved him, like every single one of them. A lot of reindeer.


Number 14 is for those curious about exploring feminization or even dollification. Angel topper roleplay. Imagine if your Dom dressed you up head to toe as a beautiful angel. But you don’t have to be a submissive to be on the receiving end of the angel treatment. Let’s say you request from your s-type to be made over as an act of service. I mean, you are the angel TOPper after all!

Also, we know where the tippy-top point of that Christmas tree is hiding, which is fine. Because you can be a dom and receive “Christmas tree branches” too. Bottom and top mean giver or receiver where dom and sub, that’s about the energy you’re giving and what kind of power or control you have in that negotiated scene. So yeah, if you want to be a dom, but also bottom you can do that because kink is customizable and you make the rules, angel!


Movies make excellent roleplay inspiration. So for sadists and character inspiration, how about the Grinch? Bad Santa? Scrooge?


Or the classic Christmas special we all know and love, “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” You remember Hermie the Christmas elf? If you’ve got a praise kink, you’re kind of into monster roleplay, and definitely medical play — dental play scene with the Abominable Snowman.


Elf on the Shelf – there’s some archetype inspiration for you. I don’t know what it is. Weird? Mischievous? I don’t know if that elf is an s-type or a D-type. Kind of gives “hot, creepy sadist” to me, but again, it’s your scene you get to make the rules.


You know those ginormous candy canes? They make great pervertibles. A pervertible is a household or common object repurposed for kinky fun. And no, not there! They’re kind of thick and thuddy. Some smacks across the backside — they’re great. Make sure you leave them in the plastic so if one breaks you don’t have candy flying everywhere.


Missile toe or should I say . . . toes? That might be tickle play, bastinado, which is caning the soles of the feet. I don’t mean candy canes . . . but maybe candy canes. How about Jack Frost nipping at your toes?


You’re the gift! This is great for a group activity and those who consent to being “loaned out.” Your top plans everything and although the details are negotiated and consented to (you gotta get that part right), maybe you can make the timing a surprise so it still feels spontaneous. 

Suddenly they wrap you up like a present. Maybe you’re mummified with colorful saran wrap – you know, wrapping paper. And don’t forget the bows and the ribbons. Or in one of those ginormous Christmas stoc kings. Whatever you’re wrapped in, you are the gift.


This one is also a group activity — holiday dinner. I could think of a number of different ways this could go. High protoco  l dinner service. Or maybe someone’s a human serving plate with an array of holiday cookies all over. Maybe they are the cookie! Oh, or the turkey — they get stuffed and everyone fights over the wishbone. I don’t know (laughs)

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