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Exploring Feedism

With Ivy Davenport

In the realm of human sexuality, diversity and complexity are the only constants. One such example, often misunderstood or misrepresented, is the world of feedism, a kink that navigates the nuanced waters of desire, body autonomy, and consent. In an enlightening discussion with Ivy Davenport, a twenty-year veteran of the adult industry specializing in feedism and fat fetish, we uncover the layers of this unique kink, offering insights into its appeal, misconceptions, and the vibrant community that supports it.

What is Feedism?


At its core, feedism is about the appreciation, and sometimes active pursuit, of weight gain and physical growth. It’s a sphere where fantasies about becoming larger, softer, and more voluptuous intersect with reality in various ways. However, as Ivy Davenport points out, engagement in feedism doesn’t always mean an active pursuit of weight gain. For many, it remains a rich fantasy explored through thought, content consumption, and role-play. Davenport shares,


“You don’t have to actively feed someone to be a feeder or to appreciate weight gain. There are so many different fetishes that can go hand in hand with feedism, which is another reason why I love it” 


This statement encapsulates the essence of feedism: a multifaceted kink that transcends simple categorization, embracing a spectrum of experiences from the purely imaginative to the tangibly physical.


The Role of Consent and Dynamics


A pivotal aspect of feedism is the dynamics of dominance and submission, which can manifest in various forms. The beauty of these dynamics lies in their fluidity and the mutual consent upon which they are built. Feedism challenges traditional power structures, allowing individuals to explore roles of dominance and submission in unique, personally meaningful ways. Whether one identifies as a feeder or a feedee, the interaction is rooted in consensual power exchange, where both parties negotiate their desires, limits, and pleasures.


The Feedism Community: A Space of Acceptance and Exploration


One of the most remarkable attributes of the feedism community is its welcoming nature and the support it offers to members. Social media platforms, online forums, and real-life gatherings create spaces for individuals to express themselves, share experiences, and connect with like-minded individuals without fear of judgment. This sense of belonging and acceptance is crucial for many in the kink community, particularly those exploring niches that society at large may not understand or accept.


Debunking Misconceptions


Misunderstandings about feedism often stem from societal taboos surrounding body image, sexuality, and non-traditional relationships. A common misconception is the equating of kink with predation or non-consensual behavior, a stigma that many in the community, including Davenport, seek to dispel. “The biggest misconception about kink in general is that people who are into kink are preying on people that are not into kink… those are predators, not kinksters” (Ivy Davenport, 07:44.606). It’s important to differentiate between consensual kink exploration and non-consensual actions, as consent is the cornerstone of healthy kink practices.


Feedism and Body Positivity


A significant aspect of feedism is its potential to foster body positivity and self-acceptance. By celebrating bodies of all sizes and challenging societal norms around weight and attractiveness, feedism can offer a path to reclaiming one’s body and sexuality. It’s a journey of discovering and embracing one’s desires, free from the constraints of conventional beauty standards.


Final Thoughts


Feedism, as explained by Ivy Davenport, is a complex and multifaceted kink that emphasizes consent, community, and the exploration of desire. It challenges societal norms, offers a space for acceptance and self-expression, and underscores the importance of mental health and happiness in sexual exploration. As we continue to navigate the vast landscape of human sexuality, understanding and respect for the diverse ways in which people find pleasure and connection remain paramount. In the words of Davenport and the ethos of Zipper Magazine, real kink is for real people, explored in a space of safety, consent, and mutual respect.

Kinktopia definition of FEEDISM FETISH

Termed as fat fetishists or sometimes chubby chasers, these individuals are primarily attracted to a person’s size or weight as their most appealing sexual feature. While many fat fetishists tend to be heterosexual men, this fetish spans across all genders and sexual orientations.


Fat fetishism often leads to romantic or sexual relationships with overweight partners. These partners might find a sense of comfort and heightened attractiveness through their interactions with fat fetishists, engaging in activities like gut flopping and squashing that celebrate their size. Some individuals find arousal in gaining weight themselves, either through being fed or watching their own weight increase.


Feederism, a subset of fat fetishism, involves partners, known as feeders, who actively encourage and aid in their partner’s weight gain for sexual gratification. This encouragement can even extend to financial support for food in long-distance situations. Not all individuals with a fat fetish practice feederism.


The origins of a fat fetish are not definitively known, with some psychologists suggesting it could stem from early experiences with food scarcity or associations between food and sexual activity.


While relationships with fat fetishists can be empowering for some, they can also lead to objectification concerns. Additionally, health risks associated with obesity can strain these relationships, especially if weight loss efforts are not supported by the fat fetishist partner. To mitigate health risks while appealing to fat fetishists, some individuals resort to stuffing or padding to simulate a larger appearance.

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