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Your Favorite Kinks & Weirdest Fetishes - Kinky Census

Featuring Pup Amp and Mr. Kristofer from Watts The Safeword

We teamed up with Watts the Safeword’s Pup Amp & Mr. Kristopher for their annual Kinky Census! More than 3000 people took the survey providing insight into the latest alt-sex and BDSM trends.  


What are the most popular kinks? Weirdest fetishes? How many kinksters are neurodivergent? Are there more tops or bottoms? What’s our biggest squick? Is it common to not be into your partner’s kinks? How do most people handle kink incompatibility? What the answers to these questions (and more!) revealed about the BDSM community, what we fantasize about, and the most popular fetishes is fascinating! 


And if you really want to geek out, tune into episode #156 of the Watts Your Safeword Podcast (you can find it on Spotify, Apple, or your favorite streaming service). Sexologist, BDSM expert, and Zipper Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Sunny Megatron, joined Amp for a deep dive into the psychological and cultural forces behind what the kink community is into. 

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Goddess Rosi collage

The World of Gooning, Gooners & Goonettes

What happens in a goon cave? Do people really goon for days? What are goonettes? Goddess Rosie Reed takes us into the fascinating world of gooning, the latest sex trend taking the world by storm.

The Legendary History of San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair

Folsom Street Fair attracts hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. It’s the third largest street event in California. How did this fringe BDSM themed festival become one of the most popular events in San Francisco? And now that it’s gone mainstream, have the glory days of Folsom passed us by?

Electro-Sex 101: Neon Wand Play

Intimidated by estim? Electro-sex wands are surprisingly versatile, beginner-friendly toys. They aren’t just for BDSM either. Because these easy-to-use devices can be adjusted to suit your preferences, they’re great for sensual play, hard-core scenes, and everywhere in between.

What Is Pegging? A Beginner’s & Kinkster’s Guide

Newly crowned #PrinceOfPegging, Prince William, recently thrust the subject of pegging into the mainstream. Rather than embracing an opportunity to destigmatize pleasure, the internet lit up with shame-driven hot takes making those who enjoy this sexual practice the butt of jokes. If you’re curious about pegging, creative ways to bring it into your kink play, and how the definition has evolved to be more inclusive – skip the tabloids, we’ve got you.

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