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Ever wondered what really happens inside a ‘goon cave’? What’s a gooning session actually like? And are goonettes, i.e. female gooning enthusiasts, really as rare as unicorns? Goddess Rosie Reed takes us into the fascinating world of gooning, the latest sex trend that’s taking the internet by storm.  

Gooning is an extreme form of edging characterized by a prolonged state of intense  pleasure that can last for hours or even days. A gooner’s ultimate goal is to reach a trance-like, erotic state of consciousness that fully immerses and suspends them in orgasmic bliss for as long as possible.  

Goddess Rosie gives us a fascinating peek at gooning enthusiasts and the waves of ecstasy they chase. She shares insights on what it’s like to be on the edge of orgasm for days at a time, the psychology of gooning, the most popular accessories for enhancing marathon masturbation sessions, the role that porn plays in gooning, and more. 

She also explains the ways in which gooning is more than just a practice, it’s a subculture. Learn about diverse virtual gooning communities with thousands of members of every gender and sexual orientation who share tips on favorite lubes, toys, techniques, and gooning porn. And gooning isn’t just an online thing either, Goddess Rosie tells us about in-person gooning events that give the circle-jerk parties of the past a run for their money.  

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About Goddess Rosie Reed


Goddess Rosie Reed is an adult content creator focusing on the female domination POV category. She has over 7 years of experience as a full-time adult content creator. Under the umbrella of femdom POV, Goddess Rosie Reed makes femdom content primarily in the niches of ass worship, lipstick fetish, make me bi, foot fetish, and home-wrecking. She is best known for her perfect booty and lips that her fans cannot get enough of.


Goddess Rosie Reed started in the adult industry as a cam girl. She discovered Clips4sale through another cam girl and was instantly fascinated by fetish content creation. She loves making femdom fetish clips that leave viewers addicted to her charisma and beauty.


She enjoys weight lifting, cooking, international travel, reading, and exploring nature when she isn’t making clips to make her fans goon to her perfection. Goddess Rosie Reed looks forward to remaining in the adult creator space for the long term to tantalize her fans into the future and beyond.

Godess Rosie

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Gooning Video Transcript


Goddess Rosie Reed:  People do this for hours, days, weeks being in this heightened mental state where everything else shuts off in their mind. And it’s just about pleasure


I first discovered gooning myself, I would say, back in 2019. That’s when I started seeing more videos, more of my coworkers saying it more, putting it in their videos. And I was like, what is this?


I’m Goddess Rosie Reed. I’m talking with Zipper Magazine about kink and gooning. It’s not so much edging or just having a regular kind of feel-good session, but it’s something more intense, something more prolonged. You’re getting to this heightened state where your mind goes totally blank. You’re just feeling what you’re doing – that’s the state you’re in it and you don’t want it to end. You don’t want to climax. You just wanna stay in this state and constantly keep pleasuring yourself for hours at a time. Usually while being stimulated by clips or other material you may have.


Gooning in itself doesn’t necessarily have to include humiliation. There’s different ways you can do it and it’s not just for men, women goon as well – and trans people do it and all different types of colors and shapes of people do this. It could be soft and sensual. It could be done without any kind of external stimulation. You just use your imagination. 


For me. Yes, there’s gonna be some humiliation because that’s just me. But you don’t have to take that route. As I said, you could do it by yourself. Some people, yeah, they do it with other people. They do it in groups or you could do it with someone online even.


I was quite surprised to find out that there are vast amounts of communities around gooning. They talk about techniques, they have certain products they use. There’s even these things called “Airbnb baits,” which is very interesting to me. It’s basically where people get together and, you know, they rent a place and all they do is just goon together for the weekend. It could be a weekend, maybe a week, I don’t know. 


There’s goon caves, people dedicate whole rooms to just gooning and they’ll have multiple screens. I find it interesting that people do this for hours, days, weeks – being in this heightened mental state where everything else shuts off in their mind and it’s just about pleasure. That must in itself is very interesting to where you get to that point where you’re just not thinking about anything else. All you’re doing is just feeling what you’re doing.


I think gooning is attractive because it’s kind of like the O without the finish. So you are in that state that you feel when you get off but for a long period of time. That in itself, I feel can be addictive – to constantly feel that rush of bliss for hours at a time.


Also, I feel like it could be a big stress reliever because you’re not thinking about everyday life. I believe during 2020 there were a lot of stressful events. Now we’re not interacting like we’re used to, we can’t go anywhere. You’re scared because of all the disinformation out there. This is a time when you can totally focus on yourself. You could be in tune with your body.


I feel like content plays a big part in gooning because when it comes specifically to POV, I found a lot of gooners, they like loops over and over again. Or they like the clip imagery to constantly be going over and over again which gives you the same thing. It doesn’t have to necessarily be different. I believe what that does is that you’re more easily able to get into this trance kind of mindset with spicy videos. When they’re gooning, it’s like they can focus on gooning to the point where they get into that, what they like to say, flow state – and then you have this ‘spicy clip’ that is constantly looping, showing these different images. 


And mind you, some Gooners, they’ll have like eight screens. So they’ll be looking at something over there and then they’ll turn their eyes. But the loops help because they’re usually longer videos. Usually an hour or so. With the loop, you can start all over again and it’s like it could become a never-ending kind of cycle. So that’s where the time aspect comes in where they’re doing it for hours at a time – because I believe you have to do it for hours at a time to get to that orgasmic bliss.


Now there will be specific lubes they’ll use that will continuously give them that slip. So you never get dry. That’s not something you want because it will break your concentration, so to speak. There’s even this face cream that I discovered they use specifically for gooning! 


Some gooners, they love to use different types of toys. Some like to use additives or enhancements to get them in that trance-like state faster. Just don’t get yourself too close to where you’re about to O, but just use it to gently enhance the feeling.


Advice for gooning? Find other people that you could talk to that understand where you’re coming from, that have experience in this because you don’t have to be alone. Talk to a spicy professional. We can set you on the right path. So you don’t feel like you’re in this box where you’re the weirdo because you’re not, you’re not the weirdo. There’s plenty of people that enjoy these things.


Also learning, learning is essential to learning more about your kinks, what you like, and how to do them properly. You don’t have to be trapped in your mind thinking that you’re some kind of evil deviant because you’re not, sexuality is part of being a human. It’s, you know, why we’re all here in the first place!


I hope you learned a little bit more about gooning and if you’re not doing it already, well, you know what you have to do now! Thank you so much Zipper Magazine, I had a blast, Thank you! 

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