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Best Kink Podcasts

Many sex podcasts claim to know their stuff. How do you know which are the best kink podcasts and which are — for lack of a better term — faking it? Finding a trusted BDSM podcast can be tough, and we say that not only as kinky pervs, but as enthusiastic fans of audio content. 


Here are a few of our favorite kink podcasts – what we consistently have queued up on our phones when we need to listen to some smart, kinky talk. Keep an eye here for updates, as new episodes and shows pop up on the regular. This solid lineup (in no particular order) will get you off on the right foot . . . or the left one, if that’s your kink!

BDSM Podcasts

Yes, one of the hosts of American Sex is Zipper Magazine’s beloved (and feared . . . but in a good way!) Editor-in-Chief. But even if she didn’t hold the fates of Zipper Magazine’s staff in her hands, we’d still put this podcast on our list of unmissable shows. Sunny Megatron and Ken Melvoin-Berg have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things BDSM, kink, and fetish. Combine that with their sharp senses of humor and you get a down-to-earth exploration of sexual politics, ethics, and skill-related BDSM tips that’s as witty as it is informative and relatable.

Is there anything that Mollena Lee Williams-Haas hasn’t done? Besides being an acclaimed sex educator and kink expert, she’s an amazing storyteller and theatrical performer. A mix of sober advice and bawdy stories about her own real-life dungeon adventures, Mollena tackles heavy topics and taboo kinks with lightheartedness and spot-on relatability. Like having a heart-to-heart sex talk with good friend (who also happens to be a motivational speaker and a straight-talking therapist), this podcast often has us laughing, crying, and experiencing breakthroughs about the transformative power of BDSM in the span of an episode.

There’s a reason that Amp Somers (aka Pup Amp) and Mr. Kristofer have become so . . . Dominant on YouTube and in the podcast world. They have some of the best irreverent banter around, while still providing solid info on topics like consent, coming out to your parents, the Leather community, and myth vs. reality of going to Folsom. If you’ve ever felt like kinksters take themselves WAY too seriously, this one’s for you.

Since 2016, the four hosts of Off the Cuffs (Dick Wound, minimus maximus, Lexual Romance, and BiDaily) have been bringing in new guests each week to talk about their kink journeys and unique perspectives on bondage, dicipline, and sadomasochism. The result is one of the most expansive visions of what kink is and who does it. Whether you’re just starting on your own BDSM journey or have been in the kink scene for years, this cast is a great way to look even deeper into kink and leather culture.

Think BDSM has to be entirely about black leather and gleaming chrome? Co-hosts Princess Rara and Dara, the Electro Kahleesi, are here to disabuse you of that notion while cutting through the layers of myths and misconceptions. They bring extensive experience from serving and being served in the dungeon, as well as wicked senses of humor that make this BDSM podcast feel like eavesdropping on the party going on next door.

Get the word on kink and fetish from Auntie Jaki and Mommy Lola, two Black Queer Femme Tops who know it all. One of the smartest and most uncompromising BDSM podcasts we’ve found, the two Mean Mommies cover a wide range of topics, from plastic fetish to the do’s and don’ts of flirting with Mommy – and they have strong, informative opinions on all of them.

Husband and wife team Kayla Lords and John Brownstone combine a touch of black leather with white picket fence vibes in this NSFW podcast about the romantic side of D/s relationships. The loving tenderness and sensual domination in kinky relationships is an aspect that’s too often overlooked, and Kayla and John give us a playful, sexy example to look up to.

Even after all the wild and kinky stuff that the Zipper Magazine staff has seen (and done!), we still find ourselves asking this question from time to time: “Why ARE people into that?” Noted sex educator and comic-book author Tina Horn delves headfirst into the question with respect and insight, looking at kinks from foot fetish to cake sitting, cannibalism kink, and everything in between.

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