Best Kink Podcasts

Conversations about sex, fetish & kink can be fun, entertaining, and educational. Because podcasts and videos allow for in-depth conversations, they’re ideal for exploring these nuanced topics.  

We’ve put together a list of what we consider some of the best kink podcasts and YouTube channels out there. From D/s dynamics to unusual fetishes, personal insights, kink tips, BDSM scene ideas, bondage tutorials, how-to’s, and more, these shows take us deep into the world of BDSM.

American Sex Podcast

Hosts, Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg, are acclaimed Sex & BDSM Educators. They also co-created the groundbreaking Showtime Original Series, Sex with Sunny Megatron. Equal parts hilarious and informative, Sunny, Ken & their guests serve up real-talk about kink, polyamory, sexual ethics, and LGBTQIA+ subjects. From practical BDSM & sex tips to discussions about systematic repression of pleasure & sexual empowerment, each topic is approached with a lightheartedness that’s second to none.

All That and Mo

Multihyphenate Wonder Mollena Lee Williams-Haas IS…a Storyteller-Writer-Performer-Actor-Muse-Educator-Activist-Revolutionary Kink Expert. Among other things. Join her for true stories and real advice blended into a mocktail (no booze please, we’re sober) of frothy fun and serious shite.

Off the Cuffs: A Kink & BDSM Podcast

A Kink and BDSM podcast, for those in the lifestyle and those who are curious. Each week, hosts Dick Wound, minimus maximus, Lexual Romance, and Bidaily sit down for a discussion with a new guest, covering topics such as their journey into kink, scenes they’ve been involved in, and the importance of consent and communication. Episodes tackle the entire spectrum of kink, from the sensual to the sadistic, and the bizarre to the vanilla.

Pink Kink

Princess Rara and Dara, the Electro Khaleesi invite you on a journey to explore your darkest desires. Join us each week as we delve into the pretty, twisted side of BDSM. They will talk about our own kinky journeys and help you learn how to navigate your way through the fun and crazy world of kink.

Mean Mommy Kink Podcast

Auntie Jaki & Mommy Lola are going to sip some tea as two Black Queer Femme Tops and bitch about Age Play, Sadomasochism, and whatever we like! When it’s time to get kinky, everyone talks about daddy but Mommy knows best.

Loving BDSM

A podcast hosted by Kayla Lords and John Brownstone to share what a love of BDSM looks like in a loving relationship between a Dominant and a submissive. People new to the lifestyle or new to the idea that BDSM and love can mix will find something to learn or realize they’re not alone in their experiences or feelings.

Watts Your Safeword Podcast

The podcast that’s got a few kinks! Watts Your Safeword is hosted by Amp Somers and Mr.Kristofer. It’s a show about breaking down stigmas, answering questions, and sometimes getting very off-topic! We try our best to make sex less scary for the people of the internet!

Why Are People Into That?

Exploring sex, kink, gender, and love with Tina Horn.

BDSM Education Youtube Channels


Morgan Thorne – Author, educator, lifestyle kinkster & pro-dominant discussing all things kink–D/s relationships, beginner and advanced BDSM technique, soft skills, and more 

Evie Lupine

Educational videos and discussions about BDSM, kink, and alternative lifestyles

Rory’s Brainworks

Rory Thomassen – Rope bondage/Shibari tutorials

Watts The Safeword – Pup Amp & Mr. Kristofer

Pup Amp & Mr. Kristofer – A kink-friendly, sex education channel focused on breaking down stigmas, answering questions, and taking with guests 

Ms. Elle X

Ms. Elle – BDSM tips, kink advice, how to’s, sex games, Q&A, fem dom, submission & dominance 

Submissive Guide

Novice submissive tips and personal learning, growth, and exploration of the D/s and M/s lifestyles from

Desires Laid Bare

Veronica Yahns – BDSM basics geared toward curious beginners

Fetish Matters

Amelie Von Stein – fetishes, dominance, submission, and fetish art

Kinky Sam Jones

Sam Jones – Kinky assignments, submissive training, BDSM technique, general kink and pleasure education

On Guard

Roundtable of experienced Leather Men discussing the past, present, and future of Leather and the issues affecting the BDSM queer community today

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