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Giantess Fetish with Giantess Katelyn Brooks

By Zipper Magazine Staff

Giant women have left their oversized footsteps in human culture ever since we started making up stories around the fire. Whether the ferocity of Grendel’s mother in Beowulf, the courage of the Amazons in Greek mythology, the trash classic Attack of the 50-Foot Woman, or the four-color adventures of She-Hulk, Giganta, or Titania in superhero comics, there’s something irresistible about large, powerful women. And of course, they’re just as irresistible as subjects for fetish porn. 


More discreetly called “macrophilia,” giantess fetish is a fascination with or sexual attraction to giants. In popular culture, this kink is most often played out as a predator/prey D/s scenario involving a helpless, micro-sized man at the whim of a larger-than-life giantess. Fantasies typically revolve around being controlled, captured, crushed, or exploring the giant’s body. Giantess fetish also goes hand-in-hand with vore as many bite-sized macrophiles also eroticize being eaten. In fact, it evolved into its own content genre – “giantess vore.” 


This is a more common fetish than one may think thanks largely to the internet. Giantess fetish videos, forums, and erotica have flourished online — and there’s still more yet to be unveiled. We sat down to talk with Katelyn Brooks, a noted giantess, vore fetish enthusiast, and content creator, about the many delights of big women with tiny men — and the virtues of eating him, crushing him, or simply demanding worship. 


Zipper Magazine: What is giantess fetish and how did you get into it?


Katelyn Brooks: It’s a sexual attraction to a woman who has supreme power and control via a larger-than-life size difference compared to her subject(s). She could tower over the Amazonians from Greek legend, a city, a state, the planet. Her size is purely fantasy.


The most popular size difference in the community is where her subjects are about ½” to 3” in comparison. Fetishists commonly fantasize about ultimately being sacrificed for her enjoyment, often by getting swallowed (Vore) or squashed beneath her bare soles (Crush).


There are many more desires within the community, including those who like gentle Giantesses, and there are many other fetish content types aside from videos, including collages, drawings, comics, CGI, photos, written stories, audio, RP, etc.


ZM: What’s your favorite thing about this kink?


KB: I love the supreme power the Giantess has; it’s incredibly empowering. While I’m attracted to countless scenarios within the scope of the Giantess fetish as a whole, the one that gets me the hottest is Vore. There are many ways it could play out — but regardless, to swallow shrunken people for my own pleasure makes my panties wet just thinking about it.


ZM: Why do you think people enjoy fantasizing about being a tiny person and why do you think giantess kink has become so popular?


KB: For those who have a Giantess fetish as part of their core sexuality, “nurture” may play the biggest role. That is, it’s a result of the parenting style experienced while sexuality was developing as well as later life experiences. Genetics could also have a role. 


Also the sheer amount of fetish content nowadays — everything from production to consumption has played a big part in the exposure and growth of the Giantess Fetish as well.


For example, it’s easy for someone with a more common interest — mouths, feet, burping, femdom, etc. — to come across a Giantess fetish video because a scenario can include any one of those. Also since so many models and studios do customs, it really gets around that way too, I imagine just like many other fetishes have as well.

ZM: If you could choose between growing into a giantess or shrinking people down, which would it be?


KB: I’d choose to shrink fans so we could live out our fantasies together. I reserve true Giantess for pure fantasy. I wouldn’t have the heart to destroy civilization in a horny villainous rampage like in some of my fantasies! However, I wouldn’t be able to pass up a harmless holodeck program where I could live them out. In a private suite of course!


As for shrinking fans, I find myself longing to do so on a constant everyday basis. According to one of my tweets, there are over 500 that want me to shrink them down for real, and I believe that a lot of them would do it. It is empowering to know there are real men out there who want to shrink down and sacrifice it all to actualize our deepest desires.


ZM: What other kinks do you like to weave into your giantess scenes? 


KB: So many! Humiliation, bondage, female supremacy, burping, mouth fetish, bare feet, growth, shrinking the viewer in stages, cuckolding, chastity, and facesitting to name just a few. 


I even filmed throughout a full-term pregnancy up to the day I went into labor; I loved how Vore fetishists loved seeing my big preggy belly imagining it was them or someone else inside. It worked out perfectly and I look forward to doing that again someday. 


I also like to play different characters like schoolgirl, goddess, boss, witch, girlfriend, step-sister, you name it. The variety of interests I’ve worked with has brought me through a wonderful exploration of my own sexuality as well. I really enjoy it!

"I love the supreme power the Giantess has; it’s incredibly empowering."

ZM: Other than creative camera angles, do you use other props or tricks to make viewers feel small? How much of this fantasy is mental & relies on the imagination?


KB: Tiny figures are commonly used to portray whoever or whatever is at the Giantess’ mercy in the scenario. I find it fun and hot to roleplay with them and the viewer imagines that whatever’s going on is actually happening, even though it’s a prop. 


Once in a while, I’ll stand on a hidden stool that’s out of the frame to make the viewer feel small on the floor looking up at me out of the camera’s pov. I’m also selective with which camera and lens I use, as well as surrounding objects and how I pose my body to the camera.


ZM: Of all the giantess clip requests you’ve had, what was the most memorable? 


KB: It’s too hard to choose just one — there are dozens! Everything from when I was pregnant for sure, such a special time. I also especially loved adding my creativity to several customs over recent years that were scripted exceptionally well. I love knowing exactly what all a fan wants to see me do and hear me say, and then fueling from that to get into character for my performance and personal indulgence. I also have many fans who come back again and again for customs which at a point makes them and their clips memorable to me as well – some have even been ordering from me since I began in 2006!


ZM: What tips do you have for people curious about trying giantess play? What about bringing up interest in giantess kink to a partner? 


KB: I would start by grabbing some videos that both look hot from the GIF preview and sound hot from the description. Use those to start exploring and figuring out what you like. There’s tons of free collages, stories, artwork, etc online too. It’ll also help to read through some of my old blog posts as well if you’re super new to your Giantess fetish.


For those more experienced with it and regarding bringing it up to partners, IMO:


If you’re dating around — look for someone who is open-minded, likes learning, and enjoys experiencing new things. You want to find someone who’s going to accept you for who you are, so bring it up when you feel it’s appropriate to do so. (Some may want to mention it on the first date as to not waste time – others after several to feel it out and see if they even like the girl first) Go deeper into it over time as you learn more about each other.


If it’s a lover that you want to open up to after years — if she’s open-minded and familiar with fetishes then you could open up by saying you’ve been shy to tell her or perhaps it’s an old fantasy that’s come back and you want to enjoy it with her. Start by explaining your liking for size difference and if she reacts well, go a little deeper, and ping off anything she finds interesting.


Go into more as she becomes comfortable and used to your fetish.


If she isn’t familiar with fetishes then take baby steps. For example, you can start by treating her to her favorite footwear (if you like crush) or lip product (if you like Vore) and use compliments to tie in your attraction to that part of her body. The next time you’re in the bedroom, mention how she is your Goddess and that you want to worship every part of her while rubbing or kissing her all over. Dip into powerplay where she is in control. Find out what she likes and mix your desires with hers. Teach her what a fetish is. Give ample time for her to learn and understand the fetish as she gets to explore it with you!


ZM: What advice would you give to someone who believes their kinky fantasies are weird or shameful?


KB: Sexuality, porn, and fetishes were once very taboo and thankfully we’re now coming out of that era (especially online and within the fetish industry). Nowadays millions of fetishists have come out online, in magazines, shows, through social media, to their partners, at conventions, etc.


There are ever-growing fetish communities and with that, an amazing variety of fetish content has flourished. An industry has even become of it where professionals, models, artists, and like-minded fetishists want to produce content for you to enjoy! You’re not alone, don’t feel weird or shameful. It’s truly a wonderful time to be living in to embrace and explore your unique sexuality.


Let it add some spice to your life!


ZM: What has being a fetish creator taught you about other people’s desires & sexual psychology?


KB: Everyone has their own tastes and preferences on the finer details of what they like within the genera of their fetish(es)/kinks. One can have multiple desires, those of which could vary in prominence and frequency. For example, it could be the core of one’s sexuality whereas straight-up vanilla acts (sex, oral) may not be a turn-on for them at all. They may need to have their fetish involved in one way or another (think about it, look at material, partake in it) to become aroused and reach climax. Or one could simply have a kink that they perhaps only crave once in a blue moon, or use to add extra excitement to their sex life, and vanilla play could still turn them on in the same manner as someone who doesn’t have any kinks.


Also, it’s totally possible that one may not even realize that they have a fetish or like any kinks until they find it. Or they could end up getting into one through their personal life experiences to come. Everyone’s sexuality is really unique.

More about Giantess Katelyn


I’ve been a giantess fetish content creator for 16 years and going strong! I turn my wet fantasies into high-quality videos and occasionally open for customs. I enjoy scripting, acting, filming, editing, and I manage everything myself. I strive to produce top-quality content utilizing modern gear along with my wild imagination and expertise. I love my fetish, my fans, my business, and I’m here to stay!


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